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Sacred Sites
Sacred Sites
Sacred Sites

Sacred Sites

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Sacred Sites Oracle Cards: Harness Our Earth's Spiritual
Energy to Heal Your Past, Transform Your Present, and
Shape Your Future
Have you ever felt drawn to visit certain sacred sites?
Are you specially moved by pictures of some spiritual
places? This new deck by Barbara Meicklejohn-Free
connects you with the energy of 53 of the world's most
sacred sites, uniquely covering in each card your past,
your present and your future. Each card features a
beautiful illustration by Yuri Leitch. A helpful guidebook
accompanies the cards and includes an introduction
explaining Barbara's personal experience of interacting
with sacred sites and how the energy of these places
will help you to heal your past, understand your present
and shape your future. Each card profile includes a
meditation, exercise or ceremony through which you
can directly engage with the site's sacred power.